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1 - 3 March 2018
Livorno & Firenze
TENEDLE, born in Florence, is a songwriter, producer, performer and writer. He has resided in the Netherlands for ten years and produces music that is a mix of classical songwriting and electronic music. For his new album “Traumsender’’ he returns to Italy. On the 1st of March he will perform at Percorsi Musicali in Livorno, on the 2nd of March at Ex Cinema Aurora in Livorno at and on the 3rd of March he will perform at Circolo il

Progresso in Florence.
“Il Bacio’’ di Ger Thijs - Barbara De Rossi e Francesco Branchetti
4 March 2018 - 18:00h
Milazzo (ME)
“De Kus” (Il Bacio) is a Dutch play written by Ger Thijs. On the 4th of March it will be performed by Barbara de Rossi and Francesco Branchetti in Teatro Trifiletti, Milazzo (ME). The play is translated by Enrico Luttmann and directed by Francesco Branchetti.

''E Aprile Ci Colse Impreparate'' - Diary of Etty Hillesum
8 March 2018 - 20:45h
Osoppo (UD)
The Anà-Thema Teatro in Udine will host a piece of theatre written and directed by Andrea Pahor.
The lives of five women become connected by the reading of the diary of Etty Hillesum, the author of confessional letters and diaries which describe both her religious awakening and the persecutions of Jewish people in Amsterdam during the German occupation, which she did not survive. The diary becomes a starting point for reflection, introspection, and comprehension of the women’s personal lives.

''Vita di Etty Hillesum - Un Gomitolo aggrovigliato è il mio cuore -’’, Edgarda Ferri
8 March 2018
On the 8th of March, the book ''Un Gomitolo aggrovigliato è il mio cuore - Vita di Etty Hillesum '', written by Edgarda Ferri, will be presented at La Casa Del Libro in Siracusa. The doors open at 19.30 pm to discuss the life of Etty Hillesum.

MIA Photo Fair
9 March 2018 - 12 March 2018
As many as 12 Dutch artists, 3 Dutch galleries and 1 Dutch publisher will participate in the 8th edition of MIA Photo Fair, where contemporary art collectors and photography lovers can enjoy a rich cultural program dedicated to the Italian and international art and photography scene. The fair has grown out to be the most important of its type in Italy.

Dutch DJ Don Diablo
10 March 2018
Don Diablo, Dutch DJ of electronic dance music, will perform free of charge for his fans in every country of the continent as part of his European tour called “A Better Future’’. All ticket proceedings will be donated to the KWF, the Dutch Foundation for Research and the Fight against Cancer. On the 10th of March he will be performing at Country Discoclub in Palermo.

Voor meer informatie klikt u hier en hier. Ook voor donaties aan het KWF

Conference on Dutch and Flemish art in the world and in Liguria
10 March 2018
Arteincampo organizes a conference on Dutch and Flemish art in the world and in Liguria, which will take place at Palazzo della Meridiana at 18.00 pm. For more information and reservations please send an e-mail to

Loving Vincent
Théâtre de la Ville, Aosta
13 March 2018 – 18:00h
14 March 2018 – 16:00h
The world’s first fully painted film about the world’s most famous Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh can be seen on two dates in the Theâtre de la Ville in Valle d’Aoste.
The film consists of thousands of images created in the style of Vincent van Gogh by a team of 125 artists. No less than 94 works have been recreated in similar style and more than 31 paintings are partially represented.

24 January 2018 - 14 March 2018
Officine Saffi, Milan
From the 24th of January until the 14th of March, Dutch sculptor, Bouke de Vries, will show his collection at Officini Saffi in Milan. De Vries skillfully deconstructs ancient fragments of several objects, giving them a new symbolism by re-uniting them in a particular manner.
The entrance is free and you can send an e-mail to:

Gossip, scandal and good manners revisited
15 March 2018 - 19:00h
On the 15th of March, Dutch artist Arnisa Zeqo will hold a performance, as a result of her Rome residency at the American Academy funded by the Mondrian Fund. The performance is organized at and in collaboration with the Royal Dutch Institute in Rome.

“Una serata Blue Noise” with Tolga Trio
16 March 2018
Reggio Emilia
The Tolga Trio is a Gypsy Jazz band founded in Amsterdam in 1999 by the Turkish-Dutch guitarist Tolga During. Tolga was born in Istanbul and grew up on a small island in the north of the Netherlands. On the 16th of March the band will perform at La Polveriera in Reggio Emilia.

“Classhica” - Cécile Prakken & Motoko Tanaka
18 March 2018
Avezzano (AQ)
Sunday the 18th of March, Dutch flutist Cécile Prakken and Japanese harpist Motoko Tanaka will collaborate for a classical concert in Castello Orsini-Colonna in Avezzano.

Neerlandistiek Padova
19 March 2018 - 23 March 2018
On the 19th of March a conference will be held at the Faculty of Dutch Sciences, Language and Translations of The University of Trieste concerning "Het beeld van Nederland en Vlaanderen in literaire vertalingen" (The image of the Netherlands and Flanders in literary translations). The goal of this day is to gain a better perspective on how national stereotypes and images of the Netherlands and Flanders are spread through means of translations of Dutch literary works in either Italian, Spanish or Portuguese. Flamish writer Tom Lanoye and Dutch writer Frank Westerman will be present.

Directly after the conference of Trieste, the 14th gathering of Dutch teachers in the Mediterranean will be held from the 21st until the 23rd of March in Padova. Both writers mentioned above will also be present in Padova and will present lectures together with the Dutch teachers.

Reframing Luchino Visconti: Film and Art
20 March 2018 - 17:30h
During this event Ivo Blom (Dutch lecturer and researcher) presents his book on the Italian film author Luchino Visconti, and his use of visual vocabulary in his movies. The book especially focuses on how Visconti's films have been influenced by his appropriation of European art and cinema.

Launch of the Italian edition of the Harvest Map
21 March 2018 - 23 March 2018
The Harvest Map is a platform initiated by Dutch architects from the Superuse Studio in Rotterdam. The map is a geographic representation to help identify and prioritise waste materials in the vicinity of a building site. In March the Italian edition of the platform will be launched in collaboration with Giacimenti Urbani. We support presentations on the 21st of March, at the Order of Architects in Milan, and on the 23rd during the fair dedicated to circular economy Fa' la cosa giusta.

Buk Festival
24 March 2018 - 25 March 2018
Dutch literature is the central theme at this year's Buk (prononciation: 'book') Festival in Modena. During the festival several presentations by Dutch writers will be part of the programme: Mark Janssen, Suzanne Diederen, Ilja Pfeiffer and Aimée de Jongh. Apart from attention for books, we support a special exhibition by Dutch photographer Ilona Kamps about Alfonsina Strada, the first woman who participated alongside the men in 1924 during the Giro d'Italia. The Dutch program will conclude with a special concert of ancient chamber music performed by students of the Royal Dutch Conservatory in collaboration with the Festival Grandezze & Meraviglie. The book festival takes place on the 24th and 25th of March.

Orchestra - Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra & Choir
26 & 27 March 2018
La Spezia & Verona
The Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra & Choir will perform the masterpiece the ''Johannes Passion'' by Johann Sebastian Bach on the 26th of March in Teatro Civico in La Spezia. On the 27th of March they will play the masterpiece again in Teatro Ristori in Verona. The Orchestra will both times be directed by Tom Koopman, to whom the Johannes Passion represents a piece that constantly requires to be studied for the relevance and extraordinary impact it has on both public and musicians.

Film - Stranger in Paradise
29 March 2018 - 18:30h
Cinema Jolly, Piacenza
During Mondovisioni, the international documentary festival in Piacenza organised by Cinemaniaci, the Netherlands will be present with a film treating a hot topic.
Stranger in Paradise is a three-act documentary by the Dutch director Guido Hendrikx and shows a classroom exercise with real refugees in Sicily. The ambiguous behaviour of the teacher, portrayed by Valentin Dhaenens, shows the refugees the different faces of Europe.
The film will be shown in the original version with Italian subtitles.

Bologna Children's Bookfair
26 March 2018 - 29 March 2018
At this year's children's book fair of Bologna Dutch illustrator Ludwig Volbeda will be presenting his work, alongside other illustrators and artists. He is also this year's author of the annual cover of the 2018 Bologna Children's Book Fair.

Until 8 April 2018
The exhibition "Tra il Grano e il Cielo" presents an exceptionally large number, 43 paintings and 86 drawings, of works by the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh and will be open to the public in the marvelous Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza until 8th of April 2018.

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